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Required FPs
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Required Coins
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Required Supplies
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Required Goods
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Items Provided
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PostME Pme private transport.png Private Transport 53 80000 350000 180Machineparts icon.png230Rubber icon.png Supplie icon.png Road icon.png
PostME Pme industrial steel.png Industrial Steel 110 150000 300000 250Coke icon.png170Tinplate.png Good icon.png
PostME Pme equality.png Equality 45 0 300000 160Textiles icon.png100Convenience food.png Expansion icon.png Road icon.png
PostME Pme species conservation.png Species Conservation 47 0 400000 240Whale icon.png220Convenience food.png Cultural icon.png Road icon.png
PostME Pme modern electronics.png Modern Electronics 120 200000 300000 120Packaging.png100Rubber icon.png Good icon.png
PostME Pme renewable resources.png Renewable Ressources 77 350000 200000 370Fertilizer.png180Packaging.png Good icon.png
PostME Pme prefab high rises.png Prefab High Rises 99 100000 450000 180Ferroconcrete.png200Steel.png House icon.png
PostME Pme environment standards.png Environment Standards 76 100000 400000 140Asbestos.png145Coke icon.png Good icon.png Deco icon.png
PostME Pme genetics research.png Genetics Research 82 250000 20000 100Fertilizer.png130Flavorants.png Good icon.png
PostME Pme rocket artillery.png Rocket Artillery 88 400000 400000 230Explosives.png80Semiconductors.png Military icon.png
PostME Pme high society.pngHigh Society 5 1000000 50000 200Luxury materials.png190Flavorants.png Cultural icon.png
PostME Pme waste management.png Waste Management 39 250000 400000 150Renewable ressources.png160Filters.png Supplie icon.png
PostME Pme space flight.png Space Flight 123 0 1000000 140Asbestos.png180Semiconductors.png Expansion icon.png Deco icon.png
PostME Pme infantry support.png Infantry Support 50 150000 250000 120Tinplate.png50Machineparts icon.png Military icon.png
PostME Pme bungalows.png Bungalows 101 200000 100000 180Luxury materials.png130Filters.png House icon.png Deco icon.png
PostME Pme composite armor.png Composite Armor 66 100000 500000 180Steel.png180Petroleum.png Military icon.png
PostME Pme duplex houses.png Duplex Houses 92 100000 200000 70Ferroconcrete.png150Renewable ressources.png House icon.png
PostME Pme children rights.png Children' Rights 76 250000 300000 200Dna data.png140Convenience food.png Supplie icon.png Deco icon.png
PostME Pme physical education.png Physical_education 93 300000 150000 210Textiles icon.png120Rubber icon.png Cultural icon.png
PostME Pme squad tactics.png Squad Tactics 121 450000 600000 80Semiconductors.png50Petroleum.png Military icon.png
PostME Pme special operations.png Special Operations 117 600000 450000 160Explosives.png150Asbestos.png Military icon.png

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