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m (Details of Easter Event)
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===Details of Easter Event===
=Details of Easter Event=
==How can you win Easter Eggs?==
==How can you win Easter Eggs?==

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In around April there is egg-citement among your city's population! Bunnies - prompted by visitors to your realm - are dashing to and fro hiding small, oval objects behind trees, bushes, rocks and other places for you to find. Collect as many as you can in order to be able to trade them in exchange for valuable items! if you're active enough, you can get even more interesting, special objects to improve your city.

Details of Easter Event

How can you win Easter Eggs?

Eggs.pngEaster Eggs will be primarily gain from quests. There will be 3 quest lines.

Eggs.png]When you will do certain actions, one or more "hidden eggs" will appear somewhere randomly on the game board, outside of the city grid.

Eggs.pngHidden eggs stack, so every time hidden eggs will be add, if you didn't collect them, you will have all hidden eggs you ever got on your game board

Eggs.pngDuring the event, you will also gain 15 Easter Eggs per day when you will collect your town hall.

How can you spend your Easter Eggs?

Eggs.pngYou can open chests to gain rewards and (flower) points that fills up a meter. You will fill up the meter in order to win the Grand Prize.

Eggs.pngOpening a chests costs eggs, each chest has a fixed price. Your can hover or tap the "?" to see the possible rewards and probability.

Eggs.pngEach chest contains the Daily Special. The more expensive the chest, the higher the probability of gaining the Daily Special.

Eggs.pngAs Grand Prize you can have a shrine (of knowledge, awe or inspiration), but prizes can change every year.

Eggs.pngThe probability to win the Daily Special will increase with each chest, i.e. bronze will have the lowest probability and Gold will have the highest probability.

Eggs.pngA counter counts down until the next Daily Special – interval is every 24 hrs.