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==[[File:Rank2.png]]The Basics==
Your points in the ranking consist of:
W Forge of Empires mamy kilka różnych rankigów. Aby sprawdzić swoją pozycję, należy kliknąć w odpowiednie pola:
;Battle points
:This is the same as in the current setup. All the battle points (from all battles you fight) will count towards the ranking, just like they do now (and with the same value). Also all the current ranking points that come from your battles will be kept.
;Goods spent
:Whenever a good is spent, its point value will be added to the ranking (research tree, Great Buildings, sector negotiation and so on). The only exception is trading - goods spent there will not be counted towards the ranking (to avoid possible abuses). The goods values differ depending on their age (the higher the age, the higher the value). Points for all the goods spent until now will be retroactively added to the ranking.
;Buildings points
:All the buildings in the game will have a points value calculated basing on their size, era and type (event and premium buildings are a bit more valuable than other, standard buildings).
The ranking value of a GB will consist of 3 parts:
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*Standard building value - a value of a normal building from the same era and of the same size.
*Value of goods that need to be spent to build it initially.
*Value of Forge Points that have been put in to build it up, up to the current level (summarized).
To give you an idea about the GB values in the new setup: a certain Great Building that on level 70 in the current system provides you with 403.625.386.158 points (as you can see - and as you have pointed out on multiple occasions - this was really throwing the ranking off balance) will now be worth reasonable 1.104.660 points. While the details can still change (exact values of Forge Points and goods), so the final value can be a bit higher or a bit lower, the general rule will remain.
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Okno rankingu wygląda następująco:
Below you can see a detailed explanation of each factor.
====[[File:Rank4.png]] Battle points====
The amount of ranking points that you get from a battle is:
<blockquote>Battle points obtained / 50</blockquote>
All battles are counted and there are no exceptions. Of course you don't get any ranking points if you have lost your battle.
===[[File:Rank5.png]] Goods spent===
Goods have different values depending on the era they are from. They become more valuable over the eras. Every good has a base value.<br />
Refined goods have a base value + the value of the good put in to produce it. Similarly, re-refined goods have their own value + the value of the respective refined good.<br />
The values can be seen below:<br />
==Ranking Graczy==
<span style="color: red;">Texto a corregir</span>
Więcej na ten temat: [[Player's Ranking|Ranking Graczy]]
:Bronze Age - 2.5
:Iron Age - 3
==Ranking Gildii==
:Early Middle Age - 3.5
Więcej na ten temat: [[Guild Ranking|Ranking Gildii]]
:High Middle Age - 4
:Late Middle Age - 4.5
==Ranking Medali==
:Colonial Age - 5
Więcej na ten temat: [[Medals Ranking|Ranking Medali]]
:Industrial Age - 5.5
:Progressive Era - 6
:Modern Era - 11.5
:Postmodern Era - 12.5
:Contemporary Era - 13.5
:Tomorrow - 19.5
:The Future - 21

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W Forge of Empires mamy kilka różnych rankigów. Aby sprawdzić swoją pozycję, należy kliknąć w odpowiednie pola:

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Ranking Graczy

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Ranking Gildii

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Ranking Medali

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