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Bottom Right menu

Tap on the arrow to display it.

From the left to the right


This shows you any recent activity related to your town; any one who has visited you and motivated or polished your buildings will be listed here. You can also see any attacks - and whether you won or lost these, and if you have been plundered. The second tab displays your message center, this where you can open your guild conversations and all messages you received and reply to them.

The last tab is for creating new messages:


Expeditions are a guild feature, so you need to be in a guild to be able to take part of it. You need to make your way in the jungle by fighting or negotiating and you will earn not only personal rewards but also power for your guild.


This allows you to open you guild window and to manage your guild. In the first tab you see your guild profile and members. Taping on the 3 bars on the top left will allow you to Administrate your guild or leave it. Taping on a guild member will open a menu to interact with him or change his guild member rigths and title.

In the guild administration window you can change your guild flag (by taping on it), name and description, change the way players can join your guild and handle guild invitations/applications. You can dissolve your guild by taping on the top left 3 bars.

The level tabs displays the level of your guild with it’s current power and bonuses.

The treasury tab displays goods in your guild treasury and allow you to donate goods.

Great bulding

here is where you can come and check which blueprints you have gathered so far. You can also click the great buildings tool tips (the blue question mark), which will then show you more information about that building.

By tapping on the image of the great building, this will open a larger description for you, and show the goods needed to place that great building within your town.

The contribution list tab displays all great buildings you already contributed to: You

Social bar

Tapping on the square with the 3 buddies will open it. The first tab with 3 top arrows is the neighbourhood bad. By taping your portrait you will be able to change it. If you tap on another player portrait you can interact with him. If you visit another player city you will be able to polish, motivate or plunder (if you fight against him and won) any of his building. If you tap on motivate, you can choose any bulding with a grey star on the top to motivate.

The second tab with a shield displays your guild members. There you can also open your guild window. If you currently in no guild, guilds will be displayed there.

The third tab with 2 buddies displays your friend list. There you can accept friend invitation or remove friends.