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In the Guild menu you can either chose [[to join]] one of the suggested guilds, [[accept an invitation to a guild]] or [[create a guild]]
In the Guild menu you can either chose to join one of the suggested guilds, [[accept an invitation to a guild]] or [[create a guild]]
== How to leave a guild ==
== How to leave a guild ==
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[[File:Guild Profile basic.PNG|link=]]
[[File:Guild Profile basic.PNG|link=]]
See [[Guild Administration]] and [[Guild_rights]] for more details
See [[Guild Administration]] and [[Guild rights]] for more details

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Guilds are an integral part of the game. As part of a guild, you can play together with friends or make new friends and acquaintances who will help you with all aspects of the game. Trading becomes easier and cheaper because you have access to the guild market where you can trade without spending Forge Points, You can find help and support in the Guild Chat and on the Guild Forum.

You can support your Guild by visiting your guild mates and motivate and polish their buildings, and most of your guild mates will probably return the favor. You can also join the battle and fight along your guild mates in Guild vs. Guild or join the Exploration of the Expedition maps and gain power for your guild and personal awards for yourself.

How to join or create a Guild


In order join or create guild, you need to research the technology of smithery first.

You can access Guilds through the Guild menu which can be opened from two locations:

Guild Menu.png

From the Global button on the mail toolbar (Browser only) or from far right on the Social bar.

Guild admin new.PNG

If you have not joined a guild yet, the above is what the guild menu looks like.

In the Guild menu you can either chose to join one of the suggested guilds, accept an invitation to a guild or create a guild

How to leave a guild

You can leave your guild by entering the guild menu and click on the members tab.

Then click on the red x next to your player name

Leave Guild.PNG

Remember that once you have left the guild, you can't join this guild again for at least 7 days.

Guild Administration

The Guild administration window has 5 tabs but only 4 are visible to all members. The fifth "administration" require "Leader" or "Founder" rights

Guild Profile basic.PNG

See Guild Administration and Guild rights for more details

Guild Treasury

The Guild Treasury is very important for the Guilds participation in GvG and GE

Goods gets donated to the treasury every time a guild member collect from their Observatories, Atomiums and Arcs but the members can also donate directly to the guild treasury from this tab

Guild treasury.PNG

By selecting the good they want to donate and the amount and then click on the donate button.

Donations to the guild treasury gives ranking points to the donating guild member.

Trusted members of the Guild can use goods from the Guild Treasury to pay for sieges and unlocking defense in GvG and Founders can use the goods to unlock higher levels in Guild Expeditions.

Guild Forum

Guild Forum is the place where the guild can communicate and save important guild information like policies, trade rules and member absences. Players with moderator rights can also create new sub forums as well as sub forums which are only visible for leaders and moderators

Guild Forum.PNG

Guild Levels and bonuses

Guild Levels

Guild Level.PNG

Leveling up your guild will improve its ranking and give bonuses to all its members. Some bonuses will help your guild on the GvG maps while others will benefit the individual members of the guild. Currently Guild levels runs from level 1 through level 60.

Guild Ranking

The Guild Rankings are calculated every day at 8 PM. The Guilds are ranked by prestige.

A guilds prestige consist of the sum of the power of all sectors owned by the guild + the prestige bonus the guild receives from the guild level

The top 3 ranked guilds receive a bonus of 15%, 10% and 5%

Ranking guild.PNG

The Guild Championships

The Guild Championships takes Expeditions to another level, and allow for cross world competition!

Every week your guild will be grouped together with up to 7 similarly-sized random guilds from different worlds of your language version*. During the 6-days long Expedition, you will be able to compete against them. Make sure that as many of your guild mates as possible complete the Expedition to get to the very top of the ladder!