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Required FPs
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Required Coins
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Required Supplies
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Required Goods
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Items Provided
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TomE Tmr fusion power.png Fusion Power 140 3000000 3000000 300Magnet factory.png180Semiconductors.png Expansion icon.png
TomE Tom nutrition science.png Nutrition Science 68 100000 700000 410Convenience food.png310Flavorants.png Good icon.png Good icon.png
TomE Tom recycled materials.png Recycled Materials 20 0 2000000 240Renewable ressources.png420Packaging.png Good icon.png Deco icon.png
TomE Tom high tech materials.png High-Tech Materials 127 220000 90000 270Filters.png310Bionics research lab.png Good icon.png Good icon.png
TomE Tom additive manufacturing.png Additive Manufactoring 102 110000 900000 130Lng.png310Renewable ressources.png Supplie icon.png House icon.png
TomE Tom wireless power transmission.png Wireless Power Transmission 94 1400000 111000 290Semiconductors.png245Magnet factory.png Military icon.png
TomE Tom capsule.png Capsule Hotels 66 200000 1200000 200Papercrete.png440Ferroconcrete.png House icon.png
TomE Tom armor piercing shells.png Armor-Piercing Shells 118 1000000 1000000 305 Lng.png120Steel.png Military icon.png
TomE Tom industrial design.png Industrial Design 79 1200000 120000 180Translucent.png380Flavorants.png Cultural icon.png
TomE Tom drones.png Drones 94 900000 700000 255Bionics research lab.png250Robotics factory.png Supplie icon.png
TomE Tom nightlife.pngNightlife 68 330000 110000 140Preservatives.png490Luxury materials.png Cultural icon.png Deco icon.png
TomE Tom stealth.png Stealth Technology 129 660000 800000 80Smart materials.png600Steel.png Military icon.png
TomE Tom combat drones.png Combat Drones 118 1100000 900000 150Smart materials.png250Robotics factory.png Military icon.png
TomE Tom annex.png Annexes 60 190000 670000 170Preservatives.png190Nutrition food.png House icon.png Deco icon.png
TomE Tom physical security.png Physical Security 53 200000 2000000 330Papercrete.png320Dna data.png Supplie icon.png
TomE Tom land reclamation.png Land Reclamation 145 4000000 4000000 290Nutrition food.png480Filters.png Expansion icon.png
TomE Tom surveillance.png Surveillance 49 1010100 1010100 330Translucent.png430Dna data.png Cultural icon.png Deco icon.png
TomE Tom off road tactics.png Off-Road Tactics 90 600000 700000 340Smart materials.png550Plastics plant.png Military icon.png

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