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| style="width: 30%;"| Requirements:
| style="width: 30%;"| Requirements:
| style="width: 70%;"| [[File:Icon_quest_alchemie.png|link=]] [[Aerial Fire Support]]
| style="width: 70%;"| [[File:Icon_quest_alchemie.png|link=]] Aerial Fire Support
[[File:Military_small.png|link=]] [[Attack Helicopter Base]]
[[File:Military_small.png|link=]] Attack Helicopter Base
| style="width: 30%;"| Training Costs:
| style="width: 30%;"| Training Costs:

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Attack Helicopter

The Attack Helicopter is the fast unit of the Contemporary Era. It' s a Flying unit: Cannot be attacked by artillery units. Ignores terrain when moving.

Age: Icon reward age.png Contemporary Era
Type: Icon reward military unit fast.png Fast Unit
Attack: Icon attack.png 120
Defense: Icon defense.png 100
Range: Icon range.png 10
Movement: Icon movement.png 28
Attack: +40 against Icon reward military unit light infantry.png
Defense: +40 against Icon reward military unit light infantry.png
Flying.png Flying
Other Info
Battle Points: Icon rank.png 5720
Requirements: Icon quest alchemie.png Aerial Fire Support

Military small.png Attack Helicopter Base

Training Costs: 1000 Icon money.png 4000 Icon supplies.png
Training Time: Icon time.png 4:00:00 hour
Healing Time: Icon time.png 24 mins/hit point